DICE AIR was started by Michael Young ( a.k.a DICE ) back in November of 2004. DICE took a course and graduated from THE TORONTO SCHOOL OF AIRBRUSHING in 1993 when he was just 14. Unfortunately, DICE didn't use this skill after learning, for he didn't have the proper equipment to continue his trade from home. Luckily, in 2004 DICE had the money to get the nesessary tools and began airbrushing again. He immediatly  started  spraying his favorite rappers on t-shirts. Dice quickly realized he had a valuble talent when his friends and people from his neighborhood began commenting on the shirts he had made and wore himself. DICE made up some business cards with DICE AIR and hit the streets of Toronto with his shirts and portfolio. Having an extreme interest in hip hop, DICE decided to give hip hop artist a t-shirt and his card when they came to the city in hopes that they may endorse his artwork. DICE gave his first shirt to FAT JOE just 2 months after  he started airbrushing again. Within 6 months, Dice had his shirt worn on MUCH MUSIC ( by MATTE BABEL ). Within a year, DICE AIR was featured in TWO music videos ( MELANIE DURRANT - POP and NATE SKEEZE - RIDIN' ). He has done any and everything to get to these celebrities. DICE now has an impressive list of over 100 celebrities that have a DICE AIR t-shirt, (some celebrities he has met on numerous occassions). Over the past four years, DICE has accumulated a large amount of autographs, pictures, and videos of his adventures. This website was created so that you can roll with DICE and witness the beginning of something big. Watch as DICE turns this hobby into a respected and competitive clothing line. DICE AIR promises original airbrush artwork displayed on various pieces of urban clothing and accessories. DICE AIR will be available to all, from new-born to adult, ( boy/girl, mens/womens ). For now, DICE is promoting his talent by spraying  custom t-shirts/sweaters, pants, jackets, hats, shoes/boots, purses/backpacks,indoor/outdoor murals on walls/doors, and anything else he can get his hands on. Enjoy the following photos and videos posted. To make an order, or if you have any questions, you can contact DICE through e-mail at  dice-air@hotmail.com  , or check CONTACT INFO for more sources. And remember,.....YOU SAY IT, - I SPRAY IT.  

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